So… I’ve decided that I just don’t have the time to write these really long posts, as much as I like to. But I still want to talk about movie! So I’ve decided we’ll go with little blurbs and if I have time to come back and write more I will. Here are some thoughts on movies I’ve seen recently.

The Disaster Artist

Genuinely funny. And so thoughtful and detailed. James Franco definitely deserved that Golden Globe even though at this point it’s basically meaningless.

Beauty and the Beast (2016)

Sigh. After the first scene I was so on board. It was beautiful. Afterr that things just didn’t quite fit together. There’s only really one thing I can point to as being at fault for the movie’s misgivings, other than that it seemed like things just didn’t come together and work will. I’ve been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Cristoph Waltz said something about how the only thing that matters is casting. If you’re cast in the right role, you’ll be great. If you’re cast in the wrong role, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t be good. That’s how I felt about Emma Watson in this movie. It just wasn’t fair to cast her in this movie. It was really just the cartoon movie brought to life (no new take or anything) and she is just too subtle of an actress to fit into it. I wouldn’t say she was bad, just not right for this movie. Way too much auto tune. I feel like Josh Gad was asleep.

The Last Jedi

SO GOOD. Loved it. I think my feelings on this movie are best summed up by an article I read recently that said this was the first Star Wars movie to make me feel something more than “oh that was pretty cool”. The Kylo Ren and Rey storyline was so interesting and complex, I couldn’t get enough.


Good. I guess. You could really take it or leave it. The premise is interesting but doesn’t really go  beyond the trailer. I guess it was really cool to see Anne Hathaway’s character be the really noble pseudo-superhero. I really don’t think I’ve seen a female role like that.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Pretty good. Really interesting sense of humor. They did a great job of developing the side characters like Drax and Rocket, but I felt like Chris Pratt’s character really fell flat. And I couldn’t have cared less about Gamora and Chris Pratt. I felt like there was no chemistry there. I thought it was impressive that this movie was able to restrict the plot to basically one planet, rather than several like the last movie, and it didn’t feel boring or static.

Hidden Figures

Really good but this felt like a bad book to movie adaptation. I could have use 100% more Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae or none at all. It didn’t make sense to me to include these women with really interesting stories and then say next to nothing about them.


I have more or less no feelings on this movie. I didn’t think it was bad, but I don’t think it did anything at all new. My guess is that the whole racism theme was way more overt and heavy-handed and focus groups were like no no no so they made it like more magic-based or something. I just never really understood what anyone was fighting for or about, I guess. I feel very eh.


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